Raajje TV journalists, Visam and Amir released

Raajje TV journalist Mohamed Visam

The Head of Program at Raajje TV, Amir Saleem and journalists, Mohamed Visam, who were arrested under suspicion of releasing a video of a group of people in police uniforms threatening to overthrow the government, has been released. 
They were released after they were brought to their remand hearing at the Criminal Court today. 
During the opposition rally on 16 March 2018, the Raajje TV journalists were arrested with the court order. 
A statement issued by Raajje TV following the arrests said that their journalists face unsubstantiated charges. And the station's name is being smeared due to jealously for the love Raajje TV is receiving from the public. 
Raajje TV also condemned the accusations made by the Vice President of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla at a PPM press conference.