Rinbudhoo Council fined MVR 255K for cutting down trees

Dh. Rinbudhoo. (Photo/Assad Photography)

Dh. Rinbudhoo Council has been fined MVR 255,000 for cutting down the palm trees in the site of construction for a garbage dump.

Rinbudhoo Council was fined by Environment Protection Agency (EPA) last Tuesday in reference to the regulation on fines for environmental damage under the Environmental Protection Act.

President of Rinbudhoo Council, Haathim Ibrahim reported to “Sun” that the council obtained permit to clear out the site for the garbage dump on February 7, and that the council began clearing the site on February 13.

“EPA informed us ownership of the site has been transferred to us. We started clearing the site after that. The place isn’t protected. 30 palm trees were uprooted to clear the site. About 20 of them have been replanted elsewhere,” said Hathim.

EPA has ordered Rinbudhoo Council to pay the fine within 30 days.