19 percent rise in tourist arrivals in February

Statistics show a 19 percent increase in tourist arrivals in the month of February despite the State of Emergency announced in Maldives on February 5.

The tourist arrival report released by Ministry of Tourism this Thursday shows 144,289 tourists visited Maldives in February. The figure is 23,234 people (19.2 percent) more than the 121,052 tourists who visited the country in February of 2017.

54.5 percent of the tourist arrivals by end of February were from Europe. Followed by 37.6 percent from Asia-Pacific countries.

Looking at separate markets, China, which issued a travel advisory following the State of Emergency in Maldives, showed a 38.1 percent increase. Italy also showed an increase by 24.5 percent.

Ministry of Tourism reports it expects a future decline in tourist arrivals due to the State of Emergency, and has therefore strengthened marketing with more involvement in marketing events and road shows.

286,637 tourist arrivals have been recorded in Maldives from January to end of February.