HDC: Water Theme Park Project stalled over unprecedented challenges

Managing Director of Housing Development Corporation, Mohamed Saiman. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Water Theme Park Project in Hulhumale’ is stalled due to unprecedented challenges, says Mohamed Saiman, Managing Director of Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

The Water Theme Park Project is contracted to a joint venture between an Australian and Malaysian company.

Speaking to “Sun” regarding the project, Saiman said work on the park is in progress, but that the project is facing delays as the site for the park – former disposal site for C and D waste – needs to be cleared.

“There hadn’t been a solution to C and D waster since Hulhumale’ was populated in 2004. The previous administration assigned it to a company called Tatuwa, but that failed. C and D waste kept on adding and the place turned into a waste mountain,” said Saiman, adding HDC faced difficulty clearing the site and transporting the waste to Thilafushi.

Saiman said the site has now been cleared and a fence put up around the site.

HDC announced previously that the Water Theme Park will be completed by end of this year.

The Water Theme Park will be located next to the Youth Park, in Nirolhu Magu of Hulhumale’.

According to HDC, the Water Theme Park will offer dry activities such as roller coasters, go cart, climbing walls, skate parks, bowling alley, BMX bike ramp, mini golf, adventure/obstacle course, archery, paint ball, arcade games, IMAX cinema, and wet activities such as water slides, water sports, wave pools and other water based recreational activities.

The park will also have showers, toilets, restaurant/cafés, day rooms, day care, souvenir shop, and a photo studio.