President: Russia, China, Saudi are our closest allies

Russia, China and Saudi Arabia were the foreign countries which tried the hardest to assist Maldives overcome the recent period of political turmoil, and they are Maldives’ closest allies, says President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

President Yameen made the statement during his speech at PPM’s gathering “Magey Gaum, Magey Dheen” – which translates to “My Country, My Religion” – held at Alimas Carnival last Friday night.

“It was our closest allies which worked the hardest to help us make the aforementioned decision. Russia, China and Saudi Arabia worked the hardest,” said President Yameen.

He said that Maldives needed allies, but that it “has not and will not sell-off [assets] like GMR was sold-off” to its allies.

He also addressed the attempt to discuss the Maldivian political crisis at the United Nations Security Council after his administration refused to enforce the Supreme Court order on February 1 and declared a State of Emergency in the country.

President Yameen said Maldives was well-known in the international community, and that there were many countries keeping a close eye on anything happening in the country.

He said that Maldives got more international attention than the plight of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, or the plight of Arab Muslims or the plight of Palestinians.

He said his administration’s refusal to enforce the Supreme Court’s order on February 1 drew so much international attention and so many foreign countries asked his administration to enforce the order because challenging Supreme Court orders was impossible in other countries.

He said that the international community therefore did not want to even hear about why the State looked into the issues with the court order and refused to comply with it.

“Its because its beyond there scope of consideration the Supreme Court of their respective countries may issue such a dangerous order. They would not consider such an evil thing may be done,” said President Yameen.

He said that despite the opposition opening the doors for the political conflict in Maldives to enter the UN Security Council and negative publicity to be directed at the country, the foreign policy of the country won an overall victory.

“If this precious coup had completed all its stages, you would never hear anything in Maldives expect the sound of weeping,” said President Yameen.

Maldives was thrown into political turmoil when the Supreme Court issued a surprise order on February 1, calling for the immediate release and retrial of nine politicians and the immediate reinstatement of 12 parliamentarians.

A State of Emergency was declared in the country on February 5, hours after which former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed were detained on charges of bribery and attempted coup.