Work on five airports underway: Transport Ministry

Ministry of Transport and Communication has said that the delayed works on five regional airports are now underway.

Speaking at a press conference today, Minister of Transport Dr Ahmed Shamheed said that the ministry’s highest priority currently is the development regional airports.

Work is underway on the development of airports in B. Dharavandhoo, Th. Thimarafushi, Ga. Kooddoo, R. Ifuru, and Gdh. Maavarulu.

“Development of airports in all regions is underway. We are currently at the planning stage, and looking for investors,” Dr Shamheed said.

He said that work on N. Maafaru and Sh. Farukolhu airports are yet to begin.

He also informed that the Ministry plans to initiate the development of an airport in Haa Alif Atoll, and that discussions in this regard are in progress with Island and Atoll Councils.

Stressing the importance of an airport in this atoll where tourism is flourishing, Shaheem pointed out that the work on a City Hotel in Uligam had to be terminated due to high transport costs, and that the existence of an airport would reduce this cost.