President Yameen expresses support for Trump’s policy

Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has expressed support for the "no interference" policy of new President-elect of United States, Donald Trump.

Speaking during a function of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) held at Dharubaaruge this Wednesday, Yameen expressed support for Trump’s policy not to meddle in domestic affairs of other countries.

“Today, America elected its new President. The strongest policy he has announced so far is to stop America’s efforts to meddle in global affairs. America needs to stop policing the entire world. This, without a doubt, is a very good principle,” said Yameen.

Yameen said that each country needed to be able to exercise full independence and sovereignty.

He said that if Trump executed the policy, the world would become a far more stable place.

“So if the newly elected President practices the policy, the world will, without a doubt, will become a far more peaceful place. Otherwise, we have seen their interest in anything that happens anywhere in the world,” said Yameen.

Yameen has sent a message of congratulations to Trump on winning the US election.

“The Maldives and the United States enjoy warm relations of friendship and understanding based on mutual respect and goodwill. I remain confident that the existing ties of friendship and cooperation between our two countries will continue and further strengthen under your able leadership. I also look forward to working with you not only to develop closer relations between our countries but also to concert on advancement of global interests common to our countries,” read the message.