Elected President and Vice President of MDP removed from posts in emergency meeting

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s elected President Dr Ibrahim Didi and Vice President Alhan Fahmy have been removed from their posts after a vote of no-confidence taken at the MDP National Council meeting held today.

The two votes were taken separately, at the emergency meeting of MDP National Council held today where the issue was submitted by Henveiru Dhekunu MP Hamid Abdul Gafoor and supported by former Executive Services Secretary of President’s Office Mohamed Ziyad (Ziyatte). The meeting was attended by 73 members.

Only Hisaan Hassan, who is a member of President Nasheed’s legal team, voted against the no-confidence motion against Dr Didi, resulting in 72 members voting that they had no confidence in Dr Didi to remain as MDP President.

There were 72 members present when the vote for Alhan was taken, and 69 members voted that they had no confidence in Alhan. Four members abstained, which included MDP Parliamentary Group Vice President Ali Waheed, Hisaan Hassan, and Macchangolhi Dhekunu Councilor Sarangu Adam Manik.

The issue raised by Hamid Abdul Gafoor indicate that the statements made by Dr Didi and Alhan to the media encouraged conflict between party members. Moreover, members of the public were requesting for their removal.

Alhan said that the claim submitted to the National Council had no basis, and that no details were included in the no-confidence motion against him.

He noted that he had not cooperated with ‘traitors’ in anything, and that the claims made against him are unsubstantiated. He said that he was not given the opportunity to conduct programs within the party in his capacity as a leader of the party. As a result, he has not been able to fulfill the promises made to party members during MDP elections.

No member talked in favor of Alhan or Dr Didi at today’s meeting.

Bilaiydhoo MP Ahmed Hamza said that the two individuals concerned should have been given a notice period of five days, and that it is not correct to hold an emergency meeting to take a vote of no-confidence. He noted however that he had no confidence in both individuals.

Ali Waheed was neutral in his comments to Alhan and Dr Didi, and said that if President Nasheed is defeated in 2013 elections, he will work on a party reform.

Dr Didi was elected as MDP President with 11,531 votes in an election held on April 30. He beat former Special Envoy of President Nasheed, Ibrahim Hussain Zaki by 900 votes.

Alhan Fahmy received 13,598 in the election for MDP Vice President. He defeated his closest competitor and former Housing Minister by 5725 votes.

MDP basic regulations indicate that the party President and Vice President can be removed from their posts by taking a vote of no-confidence. An election must be held to elect people to these posts again.