Court finds Shahum not guilty in Ahsan murder case

The Criminal Court has found Ibrahim Shahum Adam, G. Cosy, Male’, and Hassan Shimaz Mohamed, Ma. Venus Thari, Male’, not guilty of the murder of Ahsan Basheer, Varudheege, Seenu Hithadhoo.

Shahum and Shimaz were charged with murder by the state following the murder of Ahsan Basheer.

Announcing the verdict, the judge said that enough evidence was not presented to convict the suspects of murder.

Testimonies were provided in court by two anonymous witnesses. One of them said that he saw the two suspects attack Ahsan, while the other one said that he did not see anyone attack Ahsan.

The second witnesses however said that he heard Ahsan say “I am dying”, and that Ahsan also said that he was attacked by Shahum.

The state also presented doctors reports as evidence. The judge said that while the reports proved that Ahsan suffered injuries, there was no proof that the injuries were inflicted by Shahum or Shimaz.

The judge also noted negligence on the part of the police in this case.

Shahum has already been sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in relation to an earlier case, when he was found guilty of stabbing Mohamed Hussain, M. Beauty Flower, Male’.