President Yameen: Providing job opportunities for youths are linked to economy of the country

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom said that increasing job opportunities and facilitating youth development was a very important promise of the government and fulfillment of this promise is based on the strength and stability of the government’s economy.

In an address given on the occasion of Youth Day celebrations, president Yameen stated that the next basis to fulfillment of promise was related to social stability and harmony in providing a peaceful life to youths and all the people of country.

“While majority of the population in the country are youths, their effort, contribution, passion and thoughts are needed for all the areas of country’s development,” said President Yameen.

President Yameen said that it was a significant aim of the government to establish resources to instill skills and expertise in youths in various fields.

“Youths play an important role in the development of the country. For that reason, youths should model appropriate ethics and conduct,” said president Yameen.

President stated that his hope for the nation’s future is the emergence of an economically productive and actively engaged generation of youths, who remain faithful to the ideals of Islam