We will obtain information from Nasheed: Inquiry Commission

Commission of National Inquiry (CNI), created by a resolution by President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik to investigate the change of government, has said that they will hold a meeting with former President Mohamed Nasheed to obtain more information on the events relating to the change of government.

President of CNI Ismail Shafeeu said at a press conference at Muleeaage today that attempts to hold discussions with Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) are underway, and a request will be made from Nasheed to provide more information after completion of the background work:

“We will approach Nasheed for more information when we complete the background work. We’ll see how it goes from there. There is no reason for him to not provide information. We will think about that when we get there.”

Commission member Dr Ibrahim Yasir said that the first stage of discussions is ongoing, and this includes discussions with MDP.

He said that while MDP has expressed concern regarding the Committee, the only way to address these concerns is through dialogue; and the Committee is working on understanding MDP’s concerns.

Dr Yasir said that the Committee will try to provide answers to questions such as whether the government was toppled by a coup. They are also working on obtaining the necessary advice from foreign groups for this investigation:

“We are trying to cover all areas, but some questions may still go unanswered. We will answer everything we can based on the information that we gather. Long debates will be held on whether it was a coup. We are trying to obtain advice of foreign groups as well. We will try to have these questions answered by the time the report is completed.”

The resolution created by the President when the Commission of National Inquiry was set up, states that a report should be submitted to the President and Prosecutor General by 31 May on the investigation of the events from 14 January to 8 February 2012.