Dr Zahir Hussain appointed as Chancellor

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has appointed Dr Mohamed Zahir Hussain of H. Neelvilla as Chancellor of National University.

The ceremony to present the letter of appointment was held at the President’s Office today.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President noted Dr Zahir Hussain’s services to the education sector and expressed confidence that Dr Zahir Hussain would apply his experience for the benefit of the National University.

Zahir Hussain has served as Minister of Education for more than 11 years, and provided valuable services for the improvement of the education system in the country.

Dr Zahir Hussain who is the Chairman of daily newspaper Haveeru, he has also served as the Minister of Youth Development and Sports, the President of the Maldives College of Higher Education, Special Advisor to the President, and Senior Minister at the President’s Office.

The post of Chancellor of National University has been vacant since the resignation of Dr Mustafa Luthfee, who was appointed by former President Nasheed.