Former Foreign Minister Fatuhullah passes away

Fatuhullah Jameel, who served the Maldivian government for a long time, and was Minister of Foreign Affairs for 27 years, has passed away tonight.

Fatuhullah passed away while being treated for heart problems in the Singapore General Hospital. Reportedly, his death was confirmed at 8:15 pm, Malé time.

Fatuhullah was 69 years of age when he passed away, and left a wife and two grown up children.

Fatuhullah began his public service career on the 18th of November 1969, as a teacher at Majeediyya School. He became the Minister of External Affairs during the presidency of Ibrahim Nasir, on 14th March 1978.

When Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom became President, Fatuhullah was appointed as Minister of External Affairs, towards the end of 1978. He remained at that position until his resignation in July 2005. After resignation, he served as Special Advisor to the President.

Fatuhullah also served as Minister of State for Planning and Environment at one time. He also was the President’s Member at the People’s Majlis for a long time.

President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has extended his heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased.