We will establish high quality pre-school services in all islands: Thasmeen Ali

Vice presidential candidate for the “Forward with the Nation” coalition, Ahmed Thasmeen Ali has pledged to establish pre-school services to the best of standards in all islands, if they win the presidential election.

Speaking at a campaign-post inauguration ceremony in Shaviyani Kanditheemu yesterday, President Waheed’s running mate said that they will build pre-schools with adequate capacities and employ highly trained teachers in all inhabited islands in the country. Pre-school education is essential for the proper fostering of future generations, Thasmeen said.

On a different note, Thasmeen advised the people to carefully consider their choice for the presidency, to ask themselves whether he is sincere in his promises, or simply gives deceiving assurances to win the election. President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik, is the only man for the job, he said.

President Waheed’s political advisor Ahmed Thaufeeq also spoke at the event. He accused certain parties within the coalition of trying to defame the coalition.

He said that rumors are being fabricated to deceive the people and that the coalition is confident that the people will not believe in such lies. He called on the people to be mindful of such tactics.