Police withhold 349 driving licenses for traffic violations within a week

Police have revealed today that a total of 349 driving licenses were withheld during the past week for traffic violations.

They said that Police Vehicle Checkpoints (VCP) set up in different parts of Male’ from the 19th till the 26th of this month had resulted in 349 licenses being withheld.

The majority of violations include driving with expired roadworthiness stickers said the police, which summed up to a total of 210 licenses. Another 86 people were detained for driving without proper licenses, and a further 13 people’s licenses were withheld for dangerous driving.

Police said that a total of 51 licenses were withheld for expired annual registration fee’s, 16 licenses for violating traffic signs, 20 licenses for going against one way streets, 22 licenses for driving while speaking on a mobile phone, 7 licenses for not obeying traffic lights and another 24 licenses were withheld for other miscellaneous violations during the past week.