Maldives tourist arrivals increase by 25 percent last month

Tourist arrivals in the Maldives has increased by 25 percent for the month of February this year compared to February 2012.

Tourism Ministry statistics show Maldives has seen a total of 104,745 tourist visits during February this year, whereas February of 2012 had seen a total of 82,252 tourist visits, which shows a 25.8 percent increase.

The larger share of tourists was dominated by the Asian market last month.

The most number of tourist arrivals from a single country was seen from China last month, which also holds the current majority of tourists to the country overall. Maldives saw a total of 33,592 tourists from China during February.

Reflecting on the traditional market, statistics show that Maldives saw a total of 54,095 tourist arrivals from the whole of Europe in February, a 6.2 percent increase compared to the arrivals seen in February 2012. The maximum number of tourists were seen from Italy, a total of 7,832 and the second most number of tourists were seen from France, a total of 7,832. A total of 7,755 tourists arrived from Germany and 5,370 tourists from Russia during the month of February.

Regional statistics show that while a total of 54,095 tourists arrived from Europe, a total of 45,774 tourists arrived from Asia. It is an increase of 43.7 percent compared to the last year’s February. Maldives also saw 2,541 tourists from the Americas last month.