Maldives Broadcasting Commission declares DhiFM Plus violated code of conduct

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has declared that DhiFM Plus has violated the code of conduct for broadcasting, and has ordered the channel to apologise as required by the Act on Broadcasting.

The Commission said today that DhiFM Plus was notified as a result of airing pornographic content during their 10:00 pm news on the 08th of last month.

Maldives Broadcasting Commission said that they have notified the Maldives Media Company, the company that owns DhiFM Plus to air a statement of apology without any reservations from the station between 08:00 am to 11:00 am before Wednesday.

The Commission also said that it was decided unanimously by members who reviewed the case, that the station be notified to refrain from violating the code of conduct for broadcasting and not to repeat such an incident, and that they are required to broadcast in such a manner that they have control over their content.