ACC introduces corruption risk assessment ‘Hinmi’ platform

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) building. (Photo/ACC)

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Tuesday, has introduced the corruption risk assessment platform “Hinmi”.

The platform was officially inaugurated by Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef during a special ceremony held at the Umar Zahir Office Building.

With a toolkit allowing state entities to assess the risks these bodies face for corruption, the platform aims to enhance transparency of government offices and institutions ensuring better public services and accountability.

The platform features instructions for state bodies to act in light of potential corruption risks and how to eliminate such risks.

The state bodies will have separate login access to ensure confidentiality and anonymity of the data and the data provider, respectively.

After the entities complete their assessments, they will be notified of the areas of higher risks after verifying the authenticity of the data.

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) will be providing technical assistance to state entities and organizations to complete their assessments, if required. The offices can assess corruption risks on their own, without visiting the commission for assessments and identify the areas they require to improve.

The commission further said it will provide support to implement the auto-generated monitoring and evaluation plans through the platform.

Once rolled out, the corruption risk assessment tools of government offices will be linked to the platform along with efforts to improve corporate governance and integrity of state-owned enterprises (SOEs).