Power restored to Addu Fisheries Complex, but operations remain stalled

Fishermen protest outside Addu Fisheries Complex. (Photo/MIFCO)

State fisheries company, Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO), states power has been restored to Addu Fisheries Complex (AFC) with assistance from Maldives Police Service.

Local fishermen from the southern region launched a protest last Friday over the delays in the settlement which saw fishermen cut power to the complex and interrupt its operations.

On Monday morning, MIFCO announced that they were undertaking efforts to restore power to AFC and resume operations, and in this trajectory, held a meeting with Maldives Police Service seeking their assistance in these efforts.

Speaking with Sun on Monday evening, an official from MIFCO said electricity was restored to AFC at approximately 14:30pm, adding operations, however, remain halted.

The official further detailed that protesting fishermen have become calmer as of present while the conditions at the site have also improved. The official also noted that police officers were overseeing the security at the site.

Police also confirmed to Sun that power had been restored to AFC. 

MIFCO, in an earlier statement, said power was cut from AFC’s accommodation, administration block, mosque and cafeteria – causing a total system shutdown.

Underscoring AFC employees a total of 100 staff including migrant workers, MIFCO said the staff have been obstructed from attending to their basic needs.

Staff sleep outside Addu Fisheries Complex after protestors shut down power to the site. (Photo/MIFCO)

Police had attempted to resume power to the admin and accommodation blocks on Sunday evening as well. However, the power was cut off again in light of the protestor’s behavior.

The government has said it disbursed payment for MVR 46 million out of the MVR 90 million in outstanding dues to fishermen ahead of Eid al-Adha holidays. The money was disbursed a day after fishers held protests in Male' area ahead of the holidays.