Maafushi Jail to install body scanner

Homeland Security Minister Ali Ihusan (C) speaks at a press conference on January 16, 2024. (Sun Photo/Infinite Moments/Mohamed Maave)

Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusan has revealed a body scanner will be installed at Maafushi Jail to stop smuggling prohibited items into the penitentiary.

While speaking on a Public Service Media (PSM)-aired program, Minister Ihusan said prisoners have been involved in various scams.

He added the body scanner aims to stop smuggling of mobile phones into the prison, which inmates often use to make scam calls.

Minister also said two metal detectors were installed in June earlier.

"Sad reality is that in almost every cell, they have access to mobile phones, we discover drugs as well. We are taking all relevant action to curtail these," Ihusan said.

The minister added they are now working to stop scam calls and similar fraudulent activities, often organized by inmates. He added works are now underway to develop a special anti-scam center and conduct more awareness programs.

"Prompt action is the right solution for this. We are now making protocols to ensure fraudulently stolen money via scams are recovered immediately. We hope such issues become solved in the future," Ihusan added.

The minister said they are now looking into a case of more than MVR 500,000 in stolen money through scams, rotating through the accounts of 40 people.

Authorities conducted an operation earlier on June 07, in relation to the investigation, and confiscated over 22 illegally smuggled mobile phones from multiple jail cells.

The authorities had previously conducted various operations to intervene the smuggling of phones and drugs into Maafushi Jail.