MDP kicks back at inmate release allegations

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has criticized recent Maldives Police Service comments, alleging criminal activities surged during the party's reign at power.

In a statement, MDP condemned the recent statements from Police Spokesperson Ahmed Shifan.

The main opposition said the ACP Shifan's attempt to place blame on recent surge in criminal activities in Greater Male' Area on MDP, was false.

Earlier, the Police Spokesperson said over 400 inmates were released 10 months back, during MDP presidency.

The opposition party claimed the statements could not be backed by statistics, sufficient evidences, or survey.

MDP added the statements were politically motivated as well.

The party further said such statements, from the primary law enforcement authority, was a sign of irresponsibility on its part.

MDP also said proper procedures were followed in releasing inmates.

The party added the inmates released include those who have undergone relevant rehabilitation training, and shown exemplary conduct during incarceration.

Inmates were also conditioned prior to release, against committing any offenses for at least year, and added that the inmates were informed they would be imprisoned without verdict if convicted for an offense during said period as well as continue the remainder of the sentences, for which they were originally pardoned.

While the current government is legally empowered to jail the said offenders without an additional verdict, MDP said the state deliberately has not exercised its rights in apprehending the criminals.

MDP alleged this showed the recent offenders, were in fact not those that the party had released.

The opposition expressed concern over the release of criminals, ahead of the parliamentary election earlier this year as well.

MDP further alleged the state did not fulfill necessary procedures before the recent offenders were released, and called the government to disclose the identities of the offenders it released.

The party argued criminal activities can be curtailed only with sound legal enforcement, and the state committing to its responsibilities in ridding crime.

MDP also urged the state to ensure a safe environment for the public, instead of deflecting its responsibilities.