Vaavu Atoll Council raise concern over another lagoon’s allocation for tourism

The people of Vaavu Atoll staging a protest at sea: Vaavu Atoll Council raise concern over allocation of another lagoon from the atoll for tourism development.

Vaavu Atoll Council has raised concern after the government opened bidding for additional lagoon from the atoll for resort development.

Tourism Ministry, on Thursday, opened bids for five lagoons and 12 islands for tourism development which included a lagoon from Vaavu Atoll prompting concern from the atoll’s Council President Ali Shujau.

Shujau, in a post on Friday, said the decentralization system mandates the government to consult with the respective council when allocating an island or a lagoon from the atoll for such purposes.

Henceforth, he condemned the announcement of the bid for the lease of a lagoon from Vaavu Atoll without any consultations with the council.

Speaking further on the matter, Shujau told Sun that five resorts are presently in operation at Vaavu Atoll, while three more are currently under development.

“There are five resorts in operation while there are five residential islands. Lands have been leased to develop three additional resorts, yet works are not proceeding at any of these islands,” he said.

Shujau cited the biggest concern as the allocation of the lagoon for tourism development without any consultation with the council and residents of atolls, as required.

On this note, he underscored that tourism activities were abundant in the atoll in light of its natural beauty, adding Vaavu Atoll remained one of the most prominent atolls for tourism in central Maldives apart from Male’ Atoll.

In light of this, he expressed that the council, nor the people, wished to implement projects involving the reclamation of lagoons as it would impact the natural beauty, the atoll is renowned for.