HDC extends Hulhumale' Phase 2 hut relocation period

Several private parties have developed huts in Hulhumale' Phase beach for commercial purposes; HDC demanded to relocate them to the vacant plot on the opposite side before May 30 -- Photo/ HDC

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has extended the period given to private huts in Hulhumale' Phase 2 to relocate.

Last Friday, HDC said the public have been informed to shift the huts developed by private parties on the "Ruhgandu-3" beach area of Phase 2 according to the corporation's instructions by May 30, 2024.

HDC however, issued a statement on Monday evening confirming the extension of the relocation period until Jun 15, 2024.

The corporation further added of multiple public complaints over the huts operarting in the area.

"Based on the complaints from multiple concerned citizens, our corporation is working on developing the area further by establishing additional facilities. Once development completes, commercial venues will be provided according to regulations," HDC said.

HDC last Saturday, demanded the owners of these huts to shift them to the vacant plot next to the beach.

HDC also said it would clear and vacate the area if the businesses fail to relocated within the period provided, and added it would not be held liable for the damages to any of the properties during relocation.

Several private parties have developed huts in the beach area for commercial use. However, the area falls within HDC's planned development areas and currently lacks resources and facilities for public use.