Thilafushi Phase 2 land reclamation mostly concludes

Land reclamation of Thilafushi Phase 2 was completed as of February 12th according to HDC -- Photo/HDC

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) on Sunday reports land reclamation and shore protection of Thilafushi Phase 2 is mostly complete.

HDC said the first milestone under the multi-staged reclamation efforts has been already completed.

While reclamation efforts are underway on the remaining portions, HDC already launched land sale from the reclaimed areas for commercial and industrial purposes.

HDC also said that according to the agreement with the landowners who purchased plots from Thilafushi, the proprietors are required to pay for the lands based on the extent of completion of the reclaimed lands.

As such, the corporation will be regularly updating the completed milestones and outstanding payment details to the land owners.

HDC further said it was working on completing the reclaimed Thilafushi Phase 2 as per the schedule.