Student textbook distribution ongoing, will finish on time: Ministry

Students receive their report cards on April 30, 2024. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Maavee)

Ministry of Education on Saturday has said it has been dispatching the student text books to all the schools according to schedule, ahead of the upcoming academic new year.

The ministry's comments has come amid growing criticisms by some of the parents who complain text books have not reached to a few islands.

They further raise concerns of potential logistical hindrances in dispatching text books amid worsening weather conditions as well.

In response, the ministry's media official spoke to 'Sun' affirming they were dispatching text books to all the schools nationwide according to the schedule. The official further assured all the schools will receive text books before the academic year commences.

There have been past instances where text books were not provided to schools on time. Besides this, some of the schools in past had suffered the lack of teachers as well.

The academic new year will begin on May 26th.