Siyam ready to invest in Kudafari

MDA President Ahmed Siyam Mohamed received a warm welcome from his birth island N. Kudafiri during his visit on Saturday, May 11, 2024 -- Sun Photo/ Aman Latheef

Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) President and Meedhoo MP-elect Ahmed Siyam Mohamed on Saturday said he is ready to invest in Noonu atoll Kudafari.

The MDA leader received a warm welcome upon his visit to his birth island during on his visit.

While speaking with the locals near the island's harbor, Siyam said if the island's council is willing to lease large land plots, he is ready to invest for the island's economical progress. Siyam expressed optimism for the island's scope in local tourism.

During his speech, Siyam shared his vision to develop an 80 or 100-room guesthouse property on the largest plot in Kudafari.

"If this is done, we could enhance job opportunities for everyone in Kudafari, no one will be exempted, no one will be without an income stream," Siyam said.

Besides this, Siyam said he was ready to initiate similar projects in Henbadhoo, Kendhikulhudhoo and other islands of his constituency with the public's cooperation.

Siyam further emphasized the negligence of previous governments. He said housing, education and health sectors, crucial for local communities, are comparatively under-developed.

While noting the huge investments made for education by the government, Siyam inquired about the new investment opportunities and talents in the country.

He also expressed concern about the current educational system of Maldives, noting he hoped productive policies of the current administration will rectify the system in future.

Coinciding with Siyam's Saturday visit to Kudafari, a total of 85 locals from the island signed to his party, including senior MDP officials.

MDA now has the largest share of members from Kudafari, exceeding 300 locals.