Suspects' acquittal verdict in Anas' case appealed

Mohamed Anas: He was stabbed to death inside the Litus Service Center in Male' on July 31, 2017. (Photo/Facebook/Mohamed Anas)

The criminal court verdict, that acquitted all the suspects in the murder of Mohamed Anas - a young man from R. Meedhoo who was stabbed to death inside the Litus Service Center in Male' in 2017 - has been appealed at the High Court on Monday.

Anas fled into the Litus Service Center on the night of July 31, 2017 after he was chased by eight people on four motorcycles armed with sharp-edged weapons. The assailants chased him into the center, and stabbed him to death. Anas sustained 24 stab wounds in the attack.

Charges were filed against eight people in connection to Anas' murder; seven adults and a minor whose identity has not been disclosed since they were 17 years old at the time.

Criminal Court acquitted all seven adults charged in the case earlier on February 24, 2024.

PG Office's spokesperson and public prosecturo Ahmed Shafeeu spoke with 'Sun' earlier stating that the office would appeal the lower court's ruling.

The adults charged in the case were; Ahmed Zayan, from Asurumaage, Lh. Kurendhoo; Usman Shareef, from M. Dhimishgu; Afrah Abdul Razzaf, from M. Lonumidhilige; Junaih Abdullah, from Nannarige, L. Gan; Hassan Mahfooz, from Vestonvilla, S. Feydhoo; Simah Moosa, Dhafthar 1746; and Mohamed Saaz, from Gulfaamge, Th. Kinbidhoo.

Following Criminal Court's verdict, the government previously expressed concern as well.

Seven years after the incident, Criminal Court delivered its verdict citing the prosecution's evidence in the case could not sufficiently prove the involvement to any extent by the seven accused suspects.

The state prosecution however, argues direct involvement of Afrah Abdul Razzaq, Ahmed Zayan, and Usman Shareef in stabbing Anas; with the three charged with first degree murder using a sharp implement.

Mohamed Saaz, Junaih Abdullah, Hassan Mahfooz, and Simah Moosa are charged with aiding the act of murder using a sharp object. All four are believed to have ridden the motorcyles.

Following the violent attack, Anas was taken to ADK Hospital, but he had passed away before arrival according to Dr. Ibrahim Mubeen, who inspected the victim. Mubeen also said the stab wounds Anas received were severe enough to result in death immediately.