Amendment introducing retirement benefits for EC employees repealed

Elections Commission (EC) members. (Photo/EC)

The amendment brought to the regulation of the Elections Commission (EC) introducing retirement benefits for employees who retire has been repealed on Sunday.

The regulation repealing the earlier amendment was publicized on the government gazette and henceforth, is now in force.

Speaking to Sun regarding the matter, EC member Hassan Zakariyya said the commission was instructed by the Finance Ministry to repeal the amendment in light of how the retirement benefits had been composed.

As per the amendment, any employee who requests to retire upon turning 55-years-old, and subsequent retirement benefits, should be allowed to retire and will be entitled to benefits. It also states that the commission has the discretion to let go of an employee with retirement status and subsequent benefits if they have turned 55-years-old.

The amendment also stipulates each employee retiring is entitled to a lump sum retirement benefit which will be calculated by multiplying the salary set for the rank the employee held at the time the employee retired and their years of service. If their service period exceeds 15 years, only 15 years will be considered when calculating the lump sum retirement benefit.

Additionally, each employee who retires is entitled to 75 percent of their last-held destination’s salary as retirement pay, paid monthly. 

Article 6.2 of the amendment states that employees turning 65 years old are mandated to retire from their posts and will be entitled to retirement benefits.