Lack of work skills despite lengthy education saddening: Siyam

MDA leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed -- Sun Photo/ Aman Latheef

Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) President and Dh. Meedhoo MP-elect Ahmed Siyam Mohamed has raised concerns over the limitations of contemporary education, calling the system requires improvements.

He made the remarks on Saturday, noting young graduates had a hard time applying the learned knowledge into practical real-world situations for proactive problem solving, especially in their professional careers.

Siyam, who is currently on tour of Meedhoo constituency to celebrate his victory at the recently concluded parliamentary election for the 20th Assembly, visited Dhaalu atoll Hulhudheli on Saturday evening where he made the remarks.

While speaking at Hulhudheli, Siyam emphasized his vision to introduce employment opportunities for his constituents, and enhance opportunities for them to generate income by utilizing the available natural resources.

"I want a new, better generation to be fostered from the island," Siyam said, stressing he wished for an educated, honest and sincere generation of youths to become future leaders.

He however said, such a vision can become reality only by extending professional skills and training to the students before they complete their education.

"The students who graduate from an academic life of 12 to 15 years do not know how to handle themselves in a professional environment," Siyam highlighted.

The MP-elect said that the significant money expend by parents and the state towards educating the younger generation, is no longer observed from professional or corporate environment. He asserted the importance of providing technical and professional skills development to students to help them apply their learned knowledge in practical situations.

Siyam said any practice otherwise could result in a 'full reset' for the young generations in terms of learning the corporate environment.

At the ceremony held in Hulhudheli on Saturday evening, Siyam thanked the island's constituents for their role in electing him for the fifth time to represent the constituency at the parliament.