Siyam thanks Meedhoo residents, pledges to fulfill their hopes

MDA’s leader, Meedhoo MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed speaks at a campaign rally in Dh. Meedhoo on April 18, 2024. (Sun Photo/Aman Latheef)

MDA’s leader, Meedhoo MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed who was reelected for a second term has affirmed he will work towards fulfilling all hopes of Dh. Meedhoo residents during his upcoming electoral term.

Out of the constituency’s islands, Siyam first traveled to Dh. Meedhoo to thank the residents for his landslide victory in April’s parliamentary election that saw him secure a fifth term.

Speaking to the residents at the island, Siyam said each and every resident of Meedhoo is dear to him and loved by him, even if they have differences in political ideology. He thanked all Meedhoo residents who voted for him.

Siyam said his goal was to ensure more happiness in the lives of Meedhoo constituents. Noting he is undertaking efforts to achieve this goal, Siyam revealed that he had met with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu to discuss the needs of the constituents.

He expressed hope to resolve issues faced by residents of Meedhoo, particularly relating to health, lack of ways to earn an income while based on the island and housing constraints, affirming his commitment to commence efforts in this trajectory in collaboration with the government at the earliest possible opportunity.

Siyam won Meedhoo constituency seat by a landslide difference winning 1,558 votes accounting for 73.3 percent of the total votes.