Maldives diver's 50-hour dive documentary releases

Shafraz provided some insights into the dive during the Q&A session held after the documentary's screening -- Photo/ Indre Stuhmer

Veteran diving instructor Shafraz Naeem's 50-hour diving documentary was released earlier on April 19th, 2024.

The documentary is a full chronicling of Shafraz's underwater odyssey which he embarked on February 25th, 2022 in commemoration of the Maldives' 50th anniversary of the tourism industry, as well as with the admirable dual purpose of raising the world's awareness towards plastic pollution.

The "50 Hours Underwater" made by filmmakers Shahrzad Mazloiumsaki and Victor Oonk under their company, Lifton Media GmbH was released at the UCI Cinema Theater.

The "50 Hours Underwater" documentary chronicling Shafraz's daring dive was screened in front 200 guests at the UCI Cinema Theater, Germany -- Photo/ Indre Stuhmer

The world premiere of the documentary was attended 200 guests which included numerous athletes, local celebrities and entrepreneurs.

Highlight attendees to the event included former football player Daniel Engelbrecht, the Maldivian Ambassador to Germany Aishath Shaan Shakir.

The 'protagonist' of the documentary Shafraz Naeem was also in attendance along with his wife Michelle Wettstein.

As part of the Ocean 6/50 event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Maldives tourism, a 40-strong international team of experts consisting of divers, marine biologists, doctors and environmental activists organized the dangerous dive: for Shafraz to dive underwater for 50 hours without interruption.

After the screening, which was well received by the audience, Shafraz along with his wife, Michelle and the documentary's producers were welcomed to a panel led by moderator Krosny-Wosz. During the Q&A session, the crew gave the audience some background insights into the diving event.

The "50 Hours Underwater" continues on June 08th, 2024, and the documentary will celebrate its Asian premiere at the MIDE - Malaysia International Dive Expo in Kuala Lumpur.

The film is also expected to be available to stream from September 01st, 2024 onward.