One missing after landing craft capsizes

Landing craft, ‘Leo Pearl’, which capsized early Tuesday morning. (Photo/MNDF)

A person has gone missing after a landing craft capsized on early Tuesday morning.

MNDF reported that the landing craft, ‘Leo Pearl’, had been traveling to Male’ from R. Kudakurathu resort at the time the vessel capsized.

One of the five people aboard the vessel went missing in the incident said MNDF, adding its Male’ Area Command’s Coastguard Second Squadron has commenced efforts to locate the missing person. The coastguard’s fast intercept craft, ‘Hakura’, has been utilized for these efforts.

The remaining four people aboard the vessel were left stranded at sea following the incident. They were rescued onto a sea ambulance, as per MNDfF. 

As torrential rain batters the Maldives, authorities have urged the public, especially seafarers, to exercise caution as rough seas have been forecasted.