Seventh deputy minister appointed to Finance Ministry

Aishath Umaima appointed deputy minister at Finance Ministry.

Aishath Umaima was appointed a deputy minister at Finance Ministry on Thursday; the seventh deputy minister in the Ministry.

Finance Ministry congratulated Umaima on her appointment.

The six deputy ministers at the Finance Ministry apart from Umaima are:

  • Ahmed Saaid Musthafa
  • Ahmed Aiman
  • Hassan Miraas
  • Mohamed Anas
  • Ahmed Ajwadh
  • Athuhar Ibrahim Rasheed

In addition to the Minister, the Finance Ministry has two advisors appointed on ministerial level and four state ministers.

Contrary to former administrations, the current administration has appointed more deputy ministers with 163 deputy ministers at various ministries. 91 state ministers have also been appointed to various ministries.