Judges to discuss bolstering safety with Home Minister

Minister of Homeland Security Ali Ihusan -- Photo/ Maldives Police

Criminal Court Judges Bench on Thursday has decided to convene Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusan for discussions regarding the minister's alleged contempt of the Criminal Court.

Criminal Court earlier said the judges held the meeting to address the alleged coercion of judges by the minister along with Chief Superintendent of Police Ahmed Shakir, Chief Inspector Ahmed Waheed, and Sub-Inspector Mamdhooh Hassan.

The bench decided to meet with the minister and Maldives Police Service to discuss increasing caution by the police during press conferences on matters related to the work and safety of judges.

Department of Judicial Administration (DJA), as the facilitator of judges' safety and court administration, is expected to participate in the meeting as well.

The judges bench also decided to invite Judicial Service Commission (JSC) as well.

After the Criminal Court acquitted several suspects with alleged drug ties, earlier on April 04th. Police held a press conference on the same day, to disclose information about the 119-kilo drug bust on December 12th, 2021.

At the press conference, police detailed the involvement of the four suspects in drug trafficking and dealing. Due to the release of said suspects, police also expressed their frustration.

Though police pressed charges against three individuals in the case, only one was convicted.

Police however, believed it had gathered sufficient evidence to charge the suspects for the crime.

State pressed charges against Ahmed Mujahid (Allora, GDh. Hoandedhdhoo), Ahmed Sunain (Irumathyge, GDh. Hoandedhdhoo), and Ali Zubair (Guley Noorammaage, GDh. Hoandedhdhoo).

Out of the three, only Zubair was convicted and was sentenced to life imprisonment.