Israeli army conducts 16 massacres a day in Gaza: report

Israeli attacks have resulted in 140 journalists dead. (Photo/AA)

The Israeli army has been committing an average of 16 massacres daily in Gaza since October 7, where it has been carrying out attacks for over six months, according to the Palestinian government in the enclave.

The government's Media Office has issued a statement on Sunday detailing the 190-day-long bombardment carried out by Israel on Gaza.

The statement reported that the Israeli army has committed at least "2,973 massacres in Gaza since October 7, 2023."

The report stated that during the Israeli military's assaults on Gaza, 14,560 children and 9,582 women were killed.

Additionally, 7,000 individuals are either trapped under the rubble or missing, with hospitals receiving a total of 33,729 fatalities and 76,371 individuals sustaining injuries.

It was reported that 72 percent of those exposed to Israeli attacks in Gaza are women and children.

It was highlighted that in Gaza, where Israel's actions have led to starvation, a humanitarian crisis has emerged due to the blockade of aid.

As a result, 30 children have tragically died due to malnutrition and dehydration.

Thousands tonnes of explosives

It was also stated that the Israeli military has launched over 70,000 tonnes of explosives on Gaza since Oct. 7, targeting not only civilian areas but also the healthcare sector.

This relentless assault has resulted in the deaths of 485 healthcare workers and 66 civil defence personnel in Gaza.

Also, Israeli attacks have resulted in 140 journalists dead and 17,000 children in Gaza living without one or both parents.

There are still 11,000 injured people who need urgent treatment abroad, and 10,000 cancer patients are facing the danger of death due to inadequate health services.

Overcrowded shelters housing displaced Palestinians have been overcrowded with 1,089,000 cases of infectious diseases and over 8,000 cases of "Hepatitis A."

Over 60,000 pregnant women in Gaza cannot receive health care, and 350,000 people with chronic illnesses are at risk of death due to lack of medication, according to the report.

Detentions and destruction

It added that the Israeli army has detained more than 5,000 Palestinians since its initial attacks on Gaza.

Also, Israeli soldiers detained 310 healthcare workers and 20 journalists, and 2 million people have been displaced in Gaza with a population of 2.3 million.

Over 70,000 houses were completely destroyed, and a total of 290,000 houses were damaged and uninhabitable, according to the media office.

The Israeli army destroyed 171 government facilities and 100 schools and universities, and 305 schools and universities were partially damaged.

The Israeli military also destroyed 233 mosques completely, damaged 301 mosques, and targeted and destroyed three churches.

It was also stated that Israel targeted 159 healthcare institutions in Gaza, rendered 53 healthcare centres and 32 hospitals inoperative, and made 126 ambulances unusable.

Israel also targeted Palestine's cultural heritage, destroying 203 historical and cultural assets in Gaza, according to the report.


Source: TRT