Taxi hits police officer after veering out of control

Taxi hits police officer after veering out of control.

A taxi veered out of control and hit a police officer overseeing traffic at Sinamale’ bridge highway.

A video viral on social media shows a taxi entering the highway from the airport road, veering out of control, and hitting a police officer. The officer, who is facing their back to the car, first falls on the vehicle before falling onto the road.

Additional officers can be seen at the scene to oversee the traffic at that time. 

Maldives Police Service’s Spokesperson Ahmed Shifan, in a post on X, said the officer is in good health.

He confirmed that the driver had been arrested while the case is under further investigation.

Police officers have previously been injured in accidents while overseeing traffic on the roads. Most such accidents take place while officers attempt to stop speeding vehicles.