31 tons of waste cleared, 18 fined

During Male' City Council's efforts to find and fine litterers; on Monday alone, the authority fined 18 individuals for littering on public places -- Photo: Male' City Council

Male' City Council reports clearing 31 tons of waste from the city on Monday alone.

In its efforts to maintain cleanliness throughout Male', its City Council has been fining individuals found littering on public venues including parking zones, roads and public parks.

According to the council, it cleared waste on;

  • 20 pickup trucks (carry capacity: 350 kilograms)
  • 6 pickups (1.5 tons)
  • 3 pickups (3 tons)
  • 3 pickups (2 tons)

Besides cleaning the city, the Council fined 18 individuals by Monday for littering or for stocking goods on roads illegally for commercial activities.

Cases of public littering have surged amid Ramadan, a period where households often discard a significantly higher number of garbage.

To ensure public compliance and maintenance of cleanliness of the Male', the City Council earlier began looking for litterers using CCTV networks, and subsequently fined few offenders as well. City Council has set a fine of MVR 500 for littering on public venues.