Fayyaz: Gov cannot be kept in check unless MDP takes Parliament

Fayyaz Ismail addresses the 'Ufaaveri Male' rally in Male' City on September 1, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu Abdulla)

Fayyaz Ismail, the chairperson of the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), says that the current administration, which he described as “dubious”, cannot be kept in check unless the MDP wins the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Addressing a campaign rally on Friday, Fayyaz said that the country cannot survive if the current administration is not kept in check.

 “This dubious administration cannot be kept in check unless we get a majority in the Parliament. If it cannot be kept in check… Then we know very well from the experience of the last four months that the country’s affairs will reach a point of no return,” he said.

Fayyaz said that the current administration must not be allowed “to do whatever it wants” to the people, in order to put the country back on the right track.

“I am not in any terms, talking about harassing the government. We are not trying to topple the government,” he said.

But he said that the MDP would topple the government if it becomes necessary.

He said that he previously believed former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s rule had been the most tyrannical one, until President Muizzu’s administration took office.

“President Yameen’s administration hurt political dissidents. But this administration is getting personal towards anyone who mentions [First Lady] Sajidha or Janab or Vashafaru or Laamu Atoll Fonadhoo,” said the country’s former economic minister.

Fayyaz described the current administration as one borne out of “deception and lies”, adding that as the main opposition, MDP has a responsibility to put the country back on the right track.