Habeeb’s tenure ends; Nashath becomes EC’s new vice chairman

Ali Nashath (L) with Ismail Habeeb (R). (Photo/X/Ismail Habeeb)

Ali Nashath has replaced Ismail Habeeb as the new vice chairman of the Elections Commission (EC), after the latter’s term expired.

Habeeb joined EC in 2003, as an administrative worker. He latter become a member of the commission, and served two full terms.

The commission’s regulations bars members from serving more than two terms. Therefore, Habeeb was forced to leave the commission after his send term expired on Wednesday.

Nashath was selected to replace Habeeb in a vote taken on Wednesday. Habeeb had also served as the commission’s spokesperson. The position will now be filled by the commission’s secretary-general Hassan Zakariyya.

The commission, in a post on X announcing the changes, thanked Habeeb for his sincere service over the last 21 years.

Habeeb has congratulated his successor, Nashath, who he described as an individual who is capable and has the technical expertise to modernize elections, digitalize the commission’s services, and provide more convenient services to political parties, candidates and other customers.

 The end of Habeeb’s tenure at the EC comes ahead of the parliamentary elections on April 21. Meanwhile, the tenure of the commission’s chairman Fuad Thaufeeq is also set to expire, in November.