Customs clears 78 tons of fruits, vegetables in one day

Male' Local Market area observes significant surge in buyers and visitors ahead of Ramadan in 2022 -- (Sun Photo/ Mohamed Hayyan)

Maldives Customs Service reports clearing 78 tons of vegetables and fruits in one day.

Customs said it had cleared the items imported for Ramadan under the direct instructions of Commissioner General of Customs Yoosuf Maniu.

According to Customs, it cleared the items on Friday between 15:30 and 20:00.

The cleared commodities include the most fast-moving items, including potato, tomato, papaya, cabbage, banana, watermelon, cucumber, and mango among other perishable items.

Each year, prices on perishables including vegetables and fruits increase during Ramadan owing to exponential demand rise. 

To curtail the price surge of high-demand items, STO has stepped in with importing them directly and releasing to the Maldives market at cheaper rates.