Academic session held marking National History Day

The academic hour was held by Dhivehi Bahuge Academy in collaboration with the National Center for Cultural Heritage to commemorate the National History Day on February 27, 2024 -- (Sun Photo/ Mohamed Hayyan)

Dhivehi Bahuge Academy has organized and hosted an academic hour to mark the National History Day on Tuesday evening, February 27, 2024.

The academy collaborated with the National Center for Cultural Heritage.

The academic hour was held with the aim of disseminating information to students on Maldivian history, where Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmed, the guest of honor, gave a presentation on the topic.

Sheikh Ibrahim highlighted the navigational routes, modes of transportation, the Maldivian currency, and language in his presentation.

He also stressed that any incident or anecdote becomes history, or documented as a historical event after at least 50 years have elapsed to said event. 

He additionally focused on the first accounts of recording or documenting historical events of the Maldives.

The first Maldivian historian, focusing on the history of the country was Gazi Hassan Thaajuddeen, who was documenting history on the orders of Sultan Muzaffar Mohamed Imaaduddin II.

Inclusive of Sheikh Ibrahim, the Recipient of the Izzuddin's Sigil of Honor Abbas Ibrahim and Warrant Officer 3 (Retired) Jaufar Abdul Rahman were part of a panel who discussed in length about the history of the Maldives at Tuesday evening's event.

President of the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy Dr. Ashraf Abdul Raheem said the academic hour provided sufficient reasons for the citizens to be proud of their national identity.

"Getting to understand our role and what we are through the lengthy history of the Maldives, we have come to learn that our people have been capable and committed towards preservation of our history," Ashraf said.

The National History Day of the Maldives is marked on February 27 every year, which coincides with the demise of the country's first historian, Thaajuddin. 

Gazi Hassan Thaajuddin passed away on February 27, 1727.

The first National History Day was celebrated in 2018.