Young woman dies in hospital after found collapsed in Lhohi forest

N. Lhohi. (Photo/Lhohi Council)

A young woman found collapsed in the mangrove apple forest in N. Lhohi last weekend has died in a hospital in Male’.

Lhohi councilwoman Aishath Areen told Sun on Sunday that the 31-year-old woman was found collapsed in the forest on Friday.

She said that the reason why the woman collapsed is unclear.

She was initially treated at the Lhohi Health Center, before getting transferred to the R. Ungoofaaru Hospital on Friday night, and then to the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) in Male’ City.

“She died while being treated on a ventilator after she was transferred to Male’ as an emergency case,” said the councilwoman.

Her funeral prayer is scheduled for 11:o0 pm at the mosque at the Hulhumale’ Cemetary.