Siyam: Govt. will mitigate possible impact of economic shocks

MDA's leader, Dh. Meedhoo MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed.

Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, the president of Maldives Development Alliance (MDA), says he has full confidence the current Maldivian administration will work to mitigate the possible adverse effects of economic shocks.

Siyam, who serves as the parliamentary representative for Dh. Meedhoo, made the remark in an address on occasion of New Year.

In his address, Siyam said that the Maldives underwent major changes this year, including the election of Dr. Mohamed Muizzu in September.

Siyam noted that international financial bodies have warned the coming year may be economically challenging for the Maldives.

But the current administration is already engaged in continuous efforts to develop economic sectors and introduce new trade opportunities, he said.

He urged everyone to do their civic duty in this.

Siyam also noted the plight of the Palestinians, especially those is Gaza, describing as the most serious issue facing the Islamic Ummah as the new year approaches. He condemned the Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians, and urged the international community to ascertain the rights of Palestinians.