ACC takes statements in ‘Gedhoruveriya’ flat probe

ACC's president Adam Shamil.

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has begun taking statements in the investigation into allegations linked to the award of the first 4,000 flats under the former administration’s ‘Gedhoruveriya’ housing scheme.

In a statement on Sunday, ACC said that the investigation has expanded since they received access to the ‘Gedhoruverin’ portal, and that the commission was summoning persons of interest for their statements and to collect information for the investigation.

The corruption watchdog said they were trying to wrap up the investigation as soon as possible, given the high public interest in the case.

ACC said they are fully utilizing all their technical and human resources for the investigation.

The permanent list of recipients of flats under the ‘Gedhoruveriya’ scheme was originally released on November 4. It included a list of recipients of the 4,000 units currently under construction by the Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC).

The next day, dozens of protesters gathered at the Housing Ministry to express their displeasure.

They allege the assessment process had been unfair, that some applicants who had resided in Male’ for a fewer period of time had scored higher points, and that some lawmakers from the MDP and their family members were unfairly awarded flats.

The same day, the ACC instructed a halt to the issuance of the flats as it investigates the complaints.