Turkish Red Crescent sends over $3.4M aid to Gaza amid ongoing war

The Turkish Red Crescent dispatches 100 million Turkish liras (over $3.4 million) worth of aid to Gaza.

The Turkish Red Crescent has dispatched 100 million Turkish liras (over $3.4 million) worth of aid to Gaza amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian enclave, the head of the relief group said.

Addressing an event in Istanbul, Fatma Meric Yilmaz said on Sunday the Red Crescent had gathered about 500 million liras ( $17.3 million) in financial donations, with around 100 million liras of it already dispatched as immediate assistance.

Additionally, the organisation has sent in-kind aid carried from Türkiye on 11 aircraft and two ships.

In an update on the organization's relief efforts in Gaza amid the ongoing Israeli attacks, Yilmaz said food aid by Türkiye was managed entirely by the Turkish Red Crescent. The aid it sends also includes hygiene packages and clothing, she added.

Highlighting the challenges faced by volunteers operating within Gaza, she noted restrictions on entering and exiting the besieged enclave due to the intensity of the conflict.

Field team at danger

Despite these challenges, local volunteers from the Palestinian Red Crescent continue their humanitarian work within Gaza, said Yilmaz.

Adding that one of the Turkish Red Crescent's local staff members in Gaza, named Abdullah, had been wounded in the conflict and had underwent surgery, she said efforts were ongoing to establish contact with him and learn of his current condition.

The Israeli army resumed bombing Gaza early Friday after declaring an end to a week-long truce with the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas.

More than 15,500 Palestinians, mostly children and women, have been killed in Israeli attacks since October 7 following a cross-border attack by Hamas.


Source: TRT