Hezbollah targets Israeli army's 'logistic support unit' across border

Israel has been trading fire with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon since Israel began its bombardment on Gaza on October 7, following Hamas' attack. (Photo/AFP)

Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for an attack on an Israeli army "logistic support unit" near the Dovev outpost in northern Israel, which resulted in casualties.

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah group said in a statement that the attack on Sunday targeted "a logistic support unit of the occupation army, (which) was in the process of installing transmission poles and eavesdropping and spying devices in a recently established site near the Dovev outpost."

The statement said the attack resulted in "confirmed casualties."

Earlier, the Israeli army announced that "a number of civilians" were injured as a result of anti-tank missiles fired from southern Lebanon into the northern border area of Dovev.

According to a statement received by Anadolu, "a number of civilians were injured as a result of the shooting, and Israeli army forces are attacking the sources of the fire with artillery."

In a separate incident, the Israeli army said in a statement that its forces "attacked a cell that was planning to fire from a civilian area in Lebanese territory."

“An Israeli drone also attacked during the night an armed group that attempted to launch anti-tank missiles towards Israel near the Metulla border area,” it added.

Since October 7, the Lebanon-Israel border has been the scene of bombing exchanges between the Israeli army and Hezbollah, causing casualties on both sides of the border.


Source: TRT