Man injured in accident at Fuvahmulah Airport in critical condition; to be brought to Male’

A cargo vehicle and a Maldivian flight collide in a dangerous accident at Fuvahmulah Airport on Sunday.

Fuvahmulah Hospital’s Manager Ahmed Liraar, on Sunday night, said efforts were underway to transfer the victim who sustained injuries in the dangerous accident at Fuvahmulah Airport this evening to Male’ City for further treatment.

The accident a result of a collision between a cargo vehicle and a Maldivian flight at the airport. A 24-year-old Maldivian man was injured in the accident. 

Police said the accident was reported to the authority at approximately 5:34pm this evening. The accident is under further investigation, they said.

Fuvahmulah Hospital’s Manager Lirar told Sun that the victim sustained injuries to a large area of his abdomen. Citing doctors, he reported internal bleeding.

While the victim is currently being treated at Fuvahmulah Hospital’s ICU, Lirar said efforts were underway to transfer him to Male’ City at the earliest for further treatment.

However, Lirar noted that these efforts have been hindered by difficulties in securing airplane tickets, which has delayed his transfer to Male’.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Lirar said the lack of adequate healthcare facilities across all Maldivian islands has led to the increase of patients having to be transferred to Male’ in emergency. He stressed that delays in transfers subject patients to significant risk, as emergency care required for them is delayed.

Expressing concern over the matter, he stressed the need to resolve the issue.