Israel with support of US, Europe committing crimes against humanity: Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has proposed an international peace conference to end the Palestine-Israel conflict.

The international conference, with the participation of all relevant parties, would be the most suitable platform for peace, Erdogan told the press after a Cabinet meeting in Ankara on Tuesday.

He explained that in order to prevent the ongoing massacre in Gaza, which is under heavy Israeli bombardment since the October 7 attack by Hamas, a ceasefire should be declared first, followed by a path to lasting peace.

Türkiye has already put forth a proposal for guarantor system in the Israeli-Palestinian issue to end violence and reach a two-state solution.

'Israel commits crimes against humanity'

Erdogan said Israel, with the support of US and Europe, is committing crimes against humanity in Gaza for the past 25 days.

"We believe that Israel, which seems to have lost its raison d'etat, is acting like an organisation, and must be stopped as soon as possible," he said. "Our discussions are ongoing to ensure that perpetrators of the war crimes in Gaza are held accountable."

Criticising the international community's approach to Israel-Palestine conflict, Erdogan said the EU could not even call for a ceasefire, let alone condemn Israel.​​​​​​​

"International media organisations, even though over 34 of their colleagues have been killed in Gaza, can't utter a single critical sentence," he said, referring to the killings of journalists covering the conflict.

"The UN Security Council is merely watching as UN organisations and personnel in Gaza are targeted," Erdogan said. "Those who are bystanders to deaths of thousands of Gazan children today will have no credibility for anything they might say on any topic tomorrow."

Erdogan said Türkiye is helping the Palestinians, and has so far sent 213 tonnes of humanitarian aid supplies.


Source: TRT