Ministry: Unlikely to be able to evaluate new forms for land and flats by end of term

Planning Ministry, on Wednesday, said it is unlikely for them to be able to evaluate the new applications for land and flats under the Gedhoruveriyaa and Binveriyaa schemes and release the permanent list of recipients by the end of this term. 

The Ministry said that 40,594 applications had been received for the second round of the scheme by the expiration of the deadline on Tuesday. There were 19,347 applications for land and 21,247 applications for flats.

Speaking to Sun regarding the evaluation process, State Minister for Planning Akram Kamaludeen said the evaluation of all the forms cannot be completed by the end of this term. 

He stressed that the biggest task, after the identification of the number of forms, is to verify the information provided on each separate form. 

"We know the number of forms. But when we will only know how to draw up a permanent list after looking and verifying the information on them," he said 

Akram said the Ministry will not publish just any list and issue land registries for the sake of expediting the work. At the same time, the area from which land will be allocated for the second phase of the scheme, Uthuruhilafalhu, has not been dredged yet, he said. Therefore, no document will be issued certifying receipt of land from an unreclaimed area.

"We saw it in a previous government, right? Document of receipt of land being issued for a plot that has not even been reclaimed yet. We wouldn't do it that way” Akram said.

Akram, noting the existing scheme showcases the number of people in need of housing, expressed hope for the incoming Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's administration to continue the work even if it is not completed during this term.  

Transition Spokesperson Firuzul Abdulla Khaleel, at a press conference on Wednesday, said that President-elect Muizzu will not stop any project of the outgoing government.

However, he did specify how the incoming administration will deal with this specific project.

More than 4,000 plots will be allocated under the second round of the Binveriyaa scheme. 8,000 flats will be provided under the second round of the Gedhoruveriyaa scheme.

The project was announced by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih during the second round of the last presidential election, while speaking at a campaign rally in Male'.