Gaza families mark body parts for identification in case they die in bombing

Hundreds of Palestinians in besieged Gaza, mostly children, are writing their names on arms, legs, in case they lose life in Israeli bombing. (Photo/AA)

Sitting inside Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, amid wails and mourning, Ahmed Abu al Saba, 35, is inscribing his name on his arm.

"We write our names on our hands and the names of our children on their hands to enable our bodies to be identified if the (Israeli) occupation planes bomb us," al Saba said.

In Gaza, hundreds of children are lining up in hospitals to register their names on their hands.

Al Saba is one among hundreds of Palestinians, especially children, who are marking their body parts with names, so they can be identified in case they lose their life in the ongoing conflict, which began on October 7.

At least 2,055 children have been killed by Israeli attacks since Tel Aviv began its bombardment of the besieged Palestinian enclave two weeks ago.

Running for their lives amid the ruins of their houses and properties, suffering Palestinians have been making sure they are identified in case they are next in the targeted attacks by Israeli forces.

Al Saba said: "There are many martyrs, especially children, whose families are difficult to reach."

The scenes of bombarded neighbourhoods in Gaza reveal a story of catastrophe and devastation.

Over a million people have been forcibly displaced, and hundreds are taking refuge in hospitals and UN-run schools.

'Occupation does not discriminate, bombs everywhere'

"The occupation does not discriminate between anyone and bombs everywhere," al Saba said.

At least 5,087 Palestinians, including 1,023 women and 2 ,055 children, have been killed by Israeli attacks on Gaza, while 15,273 others have been injured.

"The families wrote their names on their hands and legs so they could be identified after being bombed by Israel, using American-made and American-supplied death bombs," Palestinian academic Sami al Arian wrote on X.​​​​​​​

"Their innocent blood is on the hands of (US President) Biden and his bloodthirsty friends. In their world, Palestinian children don't deserve to live, while Israeli criminals are protected and praised," al Arian said.


Source: TRT